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Aim of the Documentations

We often forget that in the beginning everything is complicated and difficult. Until you learn how to do it. Learning new things, opening up new contexts, is important for personal development and the motor for further learning opportunities.

We live in an absolute age of knowledge. In principle, everything has already been invented, conceived and documented in the most varied of ways. However, factual knowledge in itself only adds value if it is made available in the right context

In this compendium, concrete topics are prepared in the operational context and prepared with the necessary background in order to be able to drive alternative courses of action.

How to contribute

No documentation will ever be complete and 100% accurate. If certain topics are not presented correctly or sufficiently, we look forward to hearing from you via email and will be happy to make improvements.

What if I need more help

In this case we can also be reached by e-mail.

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